18 Comments on “Temple

  1. Always a pleasure working with you dearest sister. I truly appreciate your dedication to the craft of captivating the ephemeral majick of a moment, the sacred and the natural expressive flow of the Divine which sings through all life. You are such a talented wombman Chaneli. I love you x

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  2. Sista, Wow your creativity and passion shine through that lens like rays of sunshine…you sure do capture the essence! Keep inspiring, reflecting and shining your beauty across the cosmos. Bless ya sweet soul Tidda xo

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  3. Chanel,
    Your website has been done so well orchestrating your talent. May you have an incredibly fruitful journey with your art & your life.
    Absolutely exquisite <3
    Much love.

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  4. Wow! So beautiful and powerful! You capture the essence of a woman and her expression in a truly unique way. The women in your pictures look vulnerable and empowered all the same time!

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  5. Your work is so beautiful! I love the fusion of sacred geometry with beautiful natural landscapes and archetypes! You have so much passion and love for your art and that shines through in the end result! 💚💚💚💚

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  6. Fantastic Inspiriation in a cruel Pictureworld is this the sun ligthing in the new horizon :)


  7. Amazing !!!!! Full on Goddess in all her ways :) Thank you <3 <3
    I Look forward to working with you Chanel <3 <3
    Blessings & Love,


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