Visionary Photographic Freelance Artist | World Traveller | Authentic Embodiment Ambassador | Entrepreneur | Dream Follower | Mermaid

Specialising in Soul Portraiture, Pregnancy & Maternity Photography, Sacred Feminine Embodiment Portraits, Weddings, Family, Couples, Fashion, Fine Art, Festival, Event, Culture, Music & Dance Photography

Chanel Baran is a greatly inspired 25 year old Visionary Photographic Freelance Artist. Born, raised  in the beautiful Wet Tropics of Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia. She is currently living in the magical Byron Bay, Australia. She graduated James Cook University with a Bachelor Degree in Photography. For the past 5 wondrous years she have been passionate about travelling the world and truly taking the time to discover who she is, what her gifts to this planet are and to understand why she is here. Chanel has explored many parts of world around her and also the world within herself.

Chanel has discovered that photography is her medicine tool for healing. She is greatly passionate about facilitating a sacred space during her photo shoots. She loves to create an environment with her client where they feel comfortable and grounded to then fully embody their true authentic selves and soul’s true expression. Chanel is incredibly passionate about creating images that inspire women world wide to remember who they are and remember the great healing and transformational power that they hold as a woman.

Chanel’s enchanting and empowering images have deeply inspired people world wide. She has had the honour to co-create with inspiring people such as Hannah Fraser/Hannah Mermaid, Donna Raymond, Fire Mane, Shona Keeli Jones, Kalya Scintilla, Eve Olution, Imagika Om, Xavier Rudd, Nehanda Nyanda Rusere and sooooo many incredible women and men around the world. Chanel is constantly transforming as an artist and her creative endeavours are spreading far and wide. She is currently creating and launching her own clothing line where her digital photographic artworks are printed on beautiful garments.


“I feel incredibly honoured to be walking the path that I am. I feel blessed and grateful that I am following my heart and my dreams as an empowering photographic artist and Conscious Female Entrepreneur. It humbles me and gives me great joy when co-creating with inspiring people. I am grateful that my photography naturally attracts those who are already walking the path of authentic embodiment, honour, self love, respect and reverence for this life and this planet. My shoots co-create a very honouring and intuitive atmospheric flow. Where the subject and I can flow, move and in a way dance our soul’s true guidance. As I walk this path I aim to embody and anchor even more and more next level creations that will inspire and deeply move humanity. Thank you Universe for this life, this body and this experience” – Chanel Baran 2016


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  1. Thank you for sharing your gifts! I find your photoshoots so beautiful, empowering, and truly inspiring <3 thank you! :) all the best from Germany


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